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Commercial Moving

We make moving easy.

Here at Nomad Movers, our office movers in Pasadena work on moving your office space or business to a new location, in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. You can rest assured that every second of your move will not be wasted. Whether you live in Los Angeles, Burbank, West Hollywood, Irvine, or Santa Monica, our commercial movers have you covered. 

Trust Nomad Movers to get your business moved today!

Understanding Your Needs

Looking to hire movers in Los Angeles? Look no further! We know how important it is to coordinate with your time and schedule. 


When it comes to office and business relocations, we can handle large and small projects at any day and time. Our moving specialists are professional and highly-trained, with years of experience helping offices relocate their operations.

Our office and business movers make safety their number one priority, with the best practices available. Whether you have cubicles that need to be taken down or require help with moving computers and servers, desks or chairs, our Los Angeles, CA moving company has got you covered.


Commercial Solutions

Nomad Movers works with you directly to communicate your specific needs and concerns. No matter how unique the environment, our workplace solutions will allow your business or commercial move to be as easy and efficient as possible. We work hard to eliminate downtime, ensuring we offer you a successful move that sticks to your budget!

Are you in the early stages of planning an office or business relocation? Our experienced Irvine office movers can help you make a relaxed and hassle-free move.

Office Relocations Can Disrupt Day-to-Day Business

Businesses relocate their offices for a range of different reasons, such as moving in pursuit of better markets or relocating due to expiring leases. In these days of spiraling rental costs, businesses often look to cut down by moving to more affordable premises. 

Office relocation invariably results in business downtime, as your staff may find it distracting while trying to continue with their regular office tasks during the shifting process.  

The process of moving offices involves the dismantling of cubicles and other furniture, as well as packing of computers, chairs, coffee machines, noticeboards, and much more.

Employees may feel congested or claustrophobic during the office relocation process. Moving boxes and other piled up items can start to clutter the pathways of the office — making it harder for employees to maneuver their way around. This can result in frustration from employees and possibly decrease productivity.  

A well-planned office relocation will help you save on time and allow for routine business tasks to continue simultaneously in the background. As such, contacting an affordable office mover in Los Angeles will help you move efficiently and protect your bottom line.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Packers and Movers

When you move your business to another location, you want the process to be carefully organized and properly executed. Instead of having to painstakingly track every box and file, you can simply leave the tedious legwork to our highly trained staff.

Hiring us as your professional office movers in Los Angeles is a sure way to keep your expensive office equipment safe and unharmed during the process. Moreover, in the extremely unlikely event of damage or loss, you can always expect to be reimbursed — as we are fully insured.

As trusted commercial movers, we disassemble, transport, and re-assemble modular and cubicle furniture, ensuring we do whatever possible to keep your goods safe.

Most importantly, we also offer free plastic wrap, tape, and protective moving blankets during the move — meaning there’s no need to panic when trying to prepare items for transportation at the last minute. We take care of everything, from start to finish!

Contact Nomad Movers in Hollywood, CA at (213) 550-9559 for more information regarding our in-demand commercial moving services.

Commercial Moving services in Southern California

Here at Nomad Movers, we understand that commercial moving projects can seem more time consuming as it needs more planning and coordination. We strive to move your office space or business to a new location in the fastest and efficient manner possible. You can rest soundly knowing that every second of the move will not be wasted. 

Whether you require top-notch commercial movers in Burbank, CA or Los Angeles, you can trust Nomad Movers to get your business moved today!

We Value

Your Schedule

We know how busy this season of your life is, which is why we want to help you simplify it. When it comes to office and business relocations, we can handle large and small projects on any day. Our moving specialists are professional, experienced and highly-trained.


Our office and business movers keep safety as their number-one priority, with the best practices. Whether you have cubicles that need to be taken down, or moving computers and servers, desks, chairs, phone lines, we can do it all.

Doing Commercial Moves Right

We are your trusted movers in Los Angeles, and we want to make your move as efficient and stress-free as possible. We begin our moving process with a clear and upfront conversation to ensure we completely understand your needs during the move. We also work hard to eliminate downtime and help you stick to your budget!

Business Meeting

Don’t Lose Valuable Business Time

Your business is your livelihood — and at Nomad Movers, we understand how important it is for you to get back behind the office chair. We provide moving services in California that enable your move to be completed as soon as possible.

Allow us to take care of the heavy lifting so you can take care of the behind-the-scenes action. You’ll be back to business in the blink of an eye!

Happier Employees

Your employees don’t want to miss out on their hard-earned cash! Get your staff back to their regular grind as soon as possible. We work as quickly as possible so your staff doesn’t miss a beat.

The Trusted Solution

Nomad Movers is the trusted commercial moving solution. Not only do we use some of the most reputable packing techniques to ensure your valuables are safe, but we work diligently to get your business up and running. We make sure to attend to every working part to finish the job as soon as possible.

Let’s Get Moving!

Our experienced movers service Pasadena, CA, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Burbank, Irvine, Pasadena, Santa Monica and surrounding areas in Southern California. 


Contact Nomad Movers at (213) 550-9559 to book your hassle-free, low-cost home, or office move today!




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